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NEW SOW SEEDS Cultivate the Garden of Your Mind

NEW SOW SEEDS Cultivate the Garden of Your Mind

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Print for free the Sow Seeds Cultivate The Garden of Your Mind workshop!


Use this tool to help you identify 7 areas you are wanting to work on growing in your life.


Here are some examples you can use as a base to start!

1. Awareness

The ability to see without judgement and to be able to be open for change in our lives. To see our light and our shadow, without judgement or separation.


2. Acceptance

To be able to accept what we see within ourselves and in our lives fully. Without pushing it away or trying to force change. Seeing from an open awareness and allowing ourselves to love ourselves fully through the process.


3. Courage

To have the courage to feel and experience ourselves where we are at. To have the courage to begin to connect to our intentions and allow change in our lives. To have the courage to fully be ourselves, take up space, and be seen.


4. Empowerment

To have the strength to stand tall in who we are and empower the personality that we decide to create through our conscious actions towards becoming the person we need to be in order to achieve our goals and dreams.


5. Resilience

Just like our breath, we have to flow with life. Through the ups and the downs. Breathing in and out having the flexibility with life and never giving up.


6. Discipline

Recognizing that in order to live the life of our dreams it will require discipline. Discipline of mind and body. Knowing this is a form of self care and honoring the challenges that come with developing new habits.


7. Responsibility

In every moment we have a choice. Responsibility is our ability to respond in each of these moments. Through choice we decide what we want to bring into our lives. This choice takes awareness and breaking free of programs and limiting beliefs.

A great time to do this is on the new moon each month! You can also pick one a day to reflect on through out the week. 


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