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Earth-Alchemy Symbol-Balance

Earth-Alchemy Symbol-Balance

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Made to order ❤️

This piece is with the Alchemy symbol for Earth.

This is a great piece for working on grounding and connecting with the aspects of the root chakra. Security, support, safety. 

This is a blend called balance and is a combination of blue kyanite, black tourmaline, hematite, elite shungite, petroleum quartz, and copper. 

The intentions for this blend are also to bring stability and balance within and of the energy centers. It also has added benefit for working with neutralizing emfs. (Electromagnetic frequencies)

Each piece comes with all of the information on the crystals, the affirmations & Reiki programmed into the piece, how you can use for energy work, how to care for piece, and a free workshop that goes with the seed of life on the back of each piece.  

Adjustable length leather necklace included. 

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