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Charoite Lotus/Seed of Life Activate

Charoite Lotus/Seed of Life Activate

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Charoite is a stone that helps aid in transformation. It can help with self-esteem, inner strength, and unconditional love. Charoite can also help when working on shifting thought patterns from negative to positive helping to break through emotional and mental blocks.

Each piece is created made to order.

Shipping time 1-2 weeks (unless out of town)


Slight variations in stone placements ensure each piece is one of a kind 🖤



Each piece comes with:


Elite Shungite- Detoxification & EMF Protection


Petroleum Quartz- Double Terminated High Energy Quartz Crystal used for Amplification & Connection


copper- emf protection, conductivity, transmutation of energy


Info on crystals and their meanings and intentions for the piece.


Instructions on how you can use your piece for energy healing.


A list of the mantra’s and prayers programed into the piece that you can continue to use for mindfulness tools.


A free workshop sheet that connects with the seed of life that is on the back side of the amulet. This is a practice to help release limiting beliefs and to anchor in constructive “I AM” affirmations to help you achieve your goals. 


Each piece is also infused with Reiki and programmed with a 528 hz tuning fork. 528 hz is a great frequency also for the heart!!


Orgonite is a combination of quartz crystals, metal, and resin. I also use high quality and high powered crystals in each piece. This combination creates a field of energy that acts as a filter for the frequencies that are emitted from cell phones and Wi-Fi. Orgonite can also help with spiritual transformation, grounding, breathwork, meditation, and better sleep.


The outer metal is aluminum and the amulet comes with an adjustable length paracord necklace.


If you have any future questions please reach out and let me know!

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