A Little About Me...

A Little About Me...

Who am I? This question I have been asking myself more and more often. Who am I? What words would I like to share with the world about the self that I am. Well what I do know is that the I Am that is within me is also the I Am that is within you. We are all apart of the whole of the universe, made of the stars, here to experience life fully, in love. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that. Sometimes our world may seem dark, confusing, and painful. I know that I have been there and I am sure you have too. I have overcome a lot to reach where I am at mentally, emotionally, and well I am working on physically...My body has been so resistant to change, as I know that as I anchor these changes in my life my world around me will continue to transform. We choose suffering often, even when we have a way out. Sometimes the weight of our past can bind us in chains as we seek a brighter future. This may seem depressing, but it is real. The truth is that a lot of darkness is hidden from the spiritual community. We seek love and light and express ourselves as a teacher, or leader, yet fail to share the reality of our true nature. We are all human, we all mess up, we all have emotions, and we all have our own individual struggles we are here to work through and overcome. I choose now to live authentically, as best as I can, unwinding subconscious programming through compassionate awareness. This journey is not easy. The most important thing you can do is love yourself through it. Let go of seeking validation and allow yourself to be true to who you are, at your core. Who am I? I am apart of a shift in consciousness, a shift that is awakening throughout our planet. I am a tool of Spirit, when my ego steps aside, that seeks to find liberation and to be love. 

I spent many years in deep depression. I spent many years medicated and completely disconnected from my body. I spent many years repressing who I am. I spent many years numbing out to horror movies and dramas. I spent many years isolating myself away from others, living in fear, paralyzed by my never ending mental judgments. I spent many years wishing I could vanish. I spent many years indoctrinated in a religious system that only brought me to places of fear and judgement.

I have overcome. I am stronger than I ever could of imagined becoming. I am watching my life change before my eyes. I am finally finding peace. I am finally finding myself. How? By recognizing I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am not my environment. I am not my job. I am not my sex, race, or name. I am more than that. I am universal. I am eternal. I am loved, and I am love. I am at my core conscious awareness that is connected to all life. I overcame my pain, my mental disorders, my fears, by accepting myself as I am. Knowing that all is here to teach me. I will still have fear, I will still struggle with adhd, I will still experience pain. I am no longer bound by my emotions. I have found liberation through finding myself. By observing, accepting, and aligning to my truth. I am, I feel, I align. I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, thank you. I am, that, I am. You are, we are. One. I pray for the veil to be lifted from my own eyes, as well as the eyes of all others. So that we can begin to see we are all I am. We are all consciousness experiencing itself, and each other. We are here to love each other and take care of this beautiful planet. I pray for liberation for all. 




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